Gotska Sandön

A Paradise Island in the Baltic Sea

When we first heard about the little sandy island in the Baltic Sea, in between the archipelago of Stockholm and the biggest Swedish island Gotland, we were warned not to visit unless the weather was fine. The island is a sand island, it has shallow waters, some strange currents around it and the island provides poor shelter when at anchor. There is no alternative to anchoring since there is no harbor at the island. It might also be a moving sea at night why the boat might roll pretty much.

We found ourselves lucky when finally we got to the island. When we visited the island on the 14 of July in 2010 it was some of these wonderful, but rare days, with lovely Swedish summer weather. The sun shine from a blue sky and no clouds at sight. The temperature in the air did not go below +25 degrees Celsius and the climate was tropically. The modest wind gave us necessary breath of fresh air which we welcomed. We spent most time on deck but we also walked around on the dunes, picked beautiful stones so soft edged after being polished by the sea for hundreds of years.

Our visit to Gotska Sandön is unforgettable. We find it to be a real paradise island and are so happy that we did’nt just pass the island on our way south. Our recommendations is give the island a try. You will not be disappointed!

58⁰ 22´N and 19⁰ 15´E are the coordinates for Gotska Sandön.

Read more:—list/gotska-sandon-national-park/#

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