Puerto de Mogán

A beautiful place

Due to the RAC soon occupying Las Palmas Marina we have moved to the south of Gran Canaria. We were lucky to get a berth in Puerto de Mogán which turned out to be a very lovely and quiet place. Suits us perfectly. The marina is small and a large number of restaurants are close by. Our plan is to have Peach here until December, relax and decide what to do next. Meanwhile we can do some business back home.

Peach has also been taking care of, we have initiated repair of our autopilot, ordered a Bimini and asked a sailmaker to change our main sail to fit the new distance from the mast top to the boom.

The weather, well it has not yet rained this year and no one expect this to happen for a long time to come. The temperature today is 29 C and knowing the weather in Sweden when winter is knocking on the door, we cannot have chosen a better place.

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